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Pastel Perfection

Its been quite a while since I posted some new work.  It’s crazy how much time can pass from when a shoot happens and when you finally finish the images.  Narrowing down the final images, processing them, clean up in photoshop and then finishing off the colors takes a tremendous amount of time.  After months of fine tuning these images I am finally happy to share the resulting images from a shoot I am particularly happy with how the results came out.

Makeup artist Tanya DeJesus of Break Management (who I LOVE!!  she’s fucking amazing!!!!)  and wanted to do a beauty shoot with bright blasts of pastel color.  Something with contrast that really screams at the viewers eyes.  We nailed down our concept and invited the beautiful model, Mega from Ford Model management to be the final piece of the puzzle that would bring our vision together.

Special thanks to my team that helped make these images so beautiful!  I love how they came out and I hope you enjoy them as well!

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