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The Canada Connection

About a 5 hour drive north of Vancouver , BC in a town called Kamloops you’ll find the Ra Hair Salon and Spa owned by an amazing and creative hairstylist named Ken Kozuki. I first met Ken, as well as some of his stylists from his salon, during an educational photo shoot back in 2011 here in the states. The photo shoot was geared towards teaching hairstylists new techniques, starting their portfolios and other ways of using their talent to grow their business as well as their portfolio’s.  Ken and his group were a blast to work with and thankfully, I had the chance to work with them again in Las Vegas in October of 2012.  I was really excited to see him and his team again since they were such a blast to work with the last time.  We had a great shoot and all got some great images for their portfolios.

I was later contacted by Ken in early April of 2013 and asked to join him and his team to do a portfolio shoot up at Kens salon in Canada.  I love to travel and I loved working with his team.  There was no way I could say no!

The shoot was different than others I had worked on.  In Ken’s studio he has senior hair stylists and junior hair stylists coming to a total of 13 artists.  The reason I was there was to help everyone get images for their portfolio’s, but also to help everyone grow as a team and not just employees.  Ken paired up a junior and senior stylist to give guidance and help when creating their look.  Kens decision to do this showed me a few things.  He was a smart business man because he was investing in the educations of his staff, but not only that, by having everyone help each other, he was changing his staff in to a family.  It was an amazing experience and if I was a hair stylist, Kens salon is the place I would like to have a chair.

Below are some highlights of the resulting images from Kens team.  Enjoy!

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