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15 Apr 2013 / 0 Comments / in News, Photo Shoot, Portfolio

     Its always fun when you have a really strong team on a shoot.  It makes the shoot seem to flow smoother, you laugh more and you really get to enjoy your craft.  Such was the case with this shoot I did recently entitled “Metallurgy”.  Two of the team members, Tanya DeJesus (Makeup Artist) and Eva Notis (Hair Stylist),  I had worked with numerous times  and I knew they were able to deliver.  The newest additions to the team were Danny Velez a manicurist recommended by Tanya and our model Kate Stafford from Muse.  Although I’ve never worked with Danny or Kate prior to our shoot, everyone worked great with each other and we had a real blast.

The day started as most shoots do, with me setting up the lighting to start testing and the MUA and hairstylist working on the model.  Tanya and Eva had sooooo much stuff, it was awesome!

After a little while it was time for Tanya to get in close to work on some lashes and detailing the makeup.

At this point, Danny started working as well.

I could not believe how steady Danny’s hand was. I could never do what he does, my hands are too shakey. The lines are so thin and perfect. He did an amazing job!

After they were all done, it was my turn. We went through a bunch of looks and after about 9 hours we were all pretty beat.

We all really like the resulting work and we hope you enjoy as well!

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