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20 Aug 2014 / 0 Comments / in Photo Shoot, Uncategorized

I don’t know what it is, but there’s something I really love about shooting beauty photography.  Using color, expression and attitude to portray a an idea or concept is a lot of fun.  In addition to that, its always great working with team members that are amazingly creative.

I had the opportunity recently to work with a new makeup artist by the name of Loren Gold.  We started with a concept of simplistic decoration.  We didn’t want to get too too crazy with our shoot, but our imaginations kind of went a little wild.  I have to thank Loren for finding our model, Olga Anikina of Envy model management.  It was great working with both of them.

We first started with narrowing down down the colors we wanted to use.  De had such a hard selection that it was pretty difficult.


In the end, we decided to make color more the accessory, rather than the focus of the shoot.  In fact, we barely used any color aside from the blue lip shading in the last look of the shoot.

Normally on shoots, the team I work with can bang out up to 10 different looks on an editorial shoot.  However, that was not the case with this shoot.  By no means to I mean that my team was slow on this shoot, but the delicacy that was required for these shots to be done was huge.

De had to place every little adornment on Olga’s face by hand.  Sometimes using tweezers.


Despite having to sit still for a very long time, Olga was having fun sneaking in some smiles here and there.  Once it was all done, I was very eager to start shooting.  Olga was nailing it all.  I always say that a better problem to have difficulty selecting photos after the shoot because there are so many good ones because the model truly delivers, as  opposed to having to struggle through the day with a model you don’t quite connect with and only find a few finals at the end.

MB9A9624 MB9A9551

There was a lot of time between looks but at the end of the day, it all seemed to just fly by.

Also, a special thanks to Lauren Baglio for sending some of her hand designed jewelry pieces for us to use during the shoot.  You can see more of her hand crafted jewelry at

Below, I present the results of our shoot entitled “Adorned”

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