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Contrast Ratio

20 Feb 2013 / 0 Comments / in News

I dont know what it is, but really love the old gritty black and white jean ads that were run by Calvin Klein, Jordache back in the 80’s.  They were raw, sexy and just sucked you in.
I’ve wanted to do my own take on that style of photo for quite some time.  Recently, I finally had that chance.In the end of October of 2012 I had the chance to work with a model
by the name of Dashenka Giraldo from Envy Model Management while shooting in Las Vegas at the M Resort.  Now in February, she was in Manhattan for the fall installment
of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week of 2013 and contacted me through my website about putting together a test.

She was an absolute blast to work with while I was in Vegas, so I jumped at the opportunity to work with her again.  This time she brought along a male model named TJ from
her agency.  I knew she’d be perfect for this kind of shoot so we put it all together.  Dashenka brought in MUA Nicole Elle to do the makeup for the shoot.

The first shot we did went pretty fast.  Dasha and TJ were nailing it!  It was going so well, Dasha didn’t stop to get dressed before running over to the TV screen where the shots
were being displayed.

As soon as the first shot was done, Dasha went back into to makeup and I began to set up the second shot. Since TJ didnt need to get any makeup done and was a little sleepy,
I said he could take a nap, but it had to be on set so I could get the lighting set up.

I wanted a softer look to the lighting but at the same time kind of focused and sharp. I was wracking my brain for a while and decided to kind of build something that I wanted.
I took a Mola Euro, 33″ reflector and attached a grid attachment to a 22″ Profoto Beauty Dish. It wasnt pretty, but it got the job done!

We all had a blast working together and I look forward to working with the entire crew again in the future.

Below are the resulting images from the shoot. I hope you enjoy!

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