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Diamond In The Rough

     In October of 2012 I was hired for a photo shoot at the M Resort in Las Vegas.  I was going to be out there for a week, but most of my time would be taken up with pre-production and casting.  Despite the busy schedule, I would have at least one free day to myself and I planned an artistic nude photo shoot out in Red Rock National Park.  I don’t know if you’ve ever been there yourself, but the views are absolutely stunning!  Its crazy how only 30 minutes outside a big bustling city like Las Vegas with giant buildings and various types of structures can have something so dramatically different, natural and beautiful.  A great friend and fellow photographer, James Weber, was also out in Vegas for the shoot.  We both booked models and decided to make the most of our free day.

     The day of shooting arrived, and my model Jennifer Selleck met up with us at the hotel.  We packed a couple of ProFoto 7B’s and beauty dishes in the truck and headed out.  We had the perfect day for shooting – 70 degrees and a sprinkling of clouds to add to the backdrop.  The day was magnificent.


     Once we arrived at the park, I decided to leave all the lighting equipment in the car. The natural light was so beautiful and would make some really nice strong shadows.  About an hour later I was really happy with my decision.  We were doing some serious hiking up into the canyons.  Carrying all that extra equipment would have actually been a hinderance on the shoot due to the small crevices and steep inclines we were climbing.  Plus, it’s pretty damn heavy!!  I really have to thank my model, Jenn.  She was a real trooper clibing up on to ledges and peaks to help get the shots.  Not once did she say, “Umm…that doesn’t look too safe,” or, “I don’t think I can get up there.”  There were definitely some locations we shot at where she could’ve said no to safety, trust me!  She simply did as asked and we were able to get some beautiful shots as a result.

These should give you an idea of what Im talking about…

If you click on this image you can see my friend James waaaay far away in the background

It may not look like we’re too high, but the photo below is one that James shot from his perspective…


Click to see how small we are!

     After spending all day in the park, we barely covered 2% of the possible shoot locations.  I hope to go back in the near future to get even more great shots.Despite the beautiful colors of the rock and landscape, I decided to make them all B&W.  To me it just seemed to take on a “classic art” sort of feel to it.  The different shades and the use of a polarizing filter really created some cool effects as a result.  The rest of my selects are below. Once again, a huge thanks to my model Jenn, for without her none of these images would have been possible. You can check out her Facebook modeling page here.


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